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Aspenora portable freezer

Aspenora story

When we started Aspenora, we were committed to bringing our ideas and values to life by providing car fridges for people who can experience a better outdoor activity. The portable fridges that we manufacture are designed to the refrigerator’s original meaning: to preserve foods and water fresh as long as possible, while the energy consumption is as low as possible. In outdoor, one more hour for keeping the food and water fresh, can make your outdoor life a better memory. We believe that our car fridge will stimulate your passion, change your way of thinking, change your lifestyle, and most importantly help you understand your true abilities, and try to bring excitement and adventure to everyone's outdoor life. SUV, RV, Truck, Yacht,Camping, Picnic, Garage, Travel, Outdoor Driving and more, let Aspenora car fridge be the starting point of your adventure, enjoy your outdoor life!For customer service or any other question, please call our phone number: 1-855-333-8888 or send an email to

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Thanksgiving Day Sale